Schulte & Becker GmbH und Co. KG
In der Ballschlade 7
D-58802 Balve-Beckum
Tel: +49 (0) 2375/910 114 | Fax: +49 (0) 2375/910 116

Schulte & Becker was founded in 1924 by my grandfather Johann Schulte and Heinz Becker from a forge rich of tradition as a factory and forge for chains. At that time mainly agricultural chains, links, rings and round steel chains were produced in special forges.

My father Paul Schulte, who directed the company from 1965 until to his death in 1983, striked new pathes both technically and commercially, so that changes occurred in the range of products as well as in the kind of producing.
Today, the chains are produced on electronical bending and welding machines and the delivery programme was expanded by the fields wire products, connecting elements and drive technology.

An important part in the development of our company took my mother, who pulled the strings of our company from 1983 to 1993. Since my entrance in the company we mainly concentrated on the special requests of our customers. So it is possible to construct and deliver customer-specific chain constructions within a few days. Schulte & Becker stands since about 75 years for expertise, quality, flexibility, first-class service and fairness regarding the wishes and interests of our customers.

I would be glad, if we could convince also you by our efficiency in future.

Best greetings from the Sauerland!!

Johannes Schulte